Thursday, 23 October 2008

first thought???

Todays lecture was utterly inspiring. Listening to Mark talk about past projects got my mind working overtime. I was intrigued by the solo project created a couple of years ago by another girl named kirsty in which she single handedly created her own performance written and performed by herself and a number of children. I myself hope to go into teaching in the future and i see this as a great opportunity to gain further insight into the ways in which children work. I would really love to do something similar, preferably with children at the primary school age. I currently work as an after school playworker in which myself and 3 others supervise 40 children after school and generally keep them entertained. I had an idea to maybe ask them and also their parents whether they would be interested in taking part in such a project. If there appears to be a succesful response, i will almost definately be heading down this route... 

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Mark Griffin said...

Good luck Kirsty - sounds a potentially a very good project.