Tuesday, 21 October 2008

cardboard citizens- The Help

Carboard Citizens, a drama company specialising in forum theatre, with all members who currently, or have previously experienced homelessness. My initial thought was, "wow, how unique, i have no idea or no preconception of what this may be like." I walked into the theatre and was greeted by a group of faces that felt as if they were following me to my seat, this was intimidating and slightly uncomfortable, however i immediately felt a part of the action even before it began, this was already forum theatre!
the performance consisted of three stories, all of which were autobiographical, this lead me to question, " is a performance more powerful if it is autobiographical, or simply make believe? something that i will think about when creating my final performance. The fact that all three stories were autobiographical, they immediately impacted on me to a great extent. when recreating these stories on stage, the audience were creating different scenarios and making different choices as if they were that individual. what we found was that there really wasn't another choice or another way of surviving, this was their lives and it was as if there was no powere whatsoever to change it.
Cardboard Citizens have all experienced first hand the feeling of being alone and homeless, therfore i felt as if they were able to succesfully create a powerful and meaningful performance, however do i have that ability without the experience? I thought long and hard about this, and i came to realise that of course i have the right, through watching performances such as cardbard Citizens,talking to victims of homelessness and by simply researching my chosen target audience, i feel i would gain an insight into the lives of others, thus enabling me to recreate something real.

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