Sunday, 5 October 2008

what is a community?

To me, community simply means a group of people joined together by their place of residence, but what does a community represent?...
  • togetherness
  • love
  • strength
  • protection
  • maybe at times, isolation

i have realised that a community is more than just a group of people that live within close proximity of each other, it completely defines you! I am a part of many communities, each one holding a little element of my personality; sub-consciously, i am who i am because of my community.

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Mark Griffin said...

Well doen for getting up and started Kirsty.

I'm very interested in your comment about isolation. Community as a concept is often seen as wholly positive, but there are difficult questions about exclusion and coercion which are alsways worth thinking about when considering the value of any given community.