Monday, 19 January 2009

reminiscence and new ideas!

Looking back over my days at primary school, high school, sixth form and eventually university, i have been involved in many events. events for fun, events for charity and events for the school itself. I was looking back at pictures and thinking of the events i took part in that i found most enjoyable. Obviously doing the shows was enjoyable as i would't be doing the degree im doing now, but there was one event that stuck out in my mind, even more so when i saw a picture of myself, dressed completely head to toe in tin foil. This sounds strange but let me explain!

I myself dressed in tin foil, my friend stood next to me wearing a dress made of crisp packets, and my teacher on the other side wearing a hat made of paper plates and bottle tops. This was no ordinary schoolday, this was our charity based recyclable fashion show. An event that raised money to watch us walk down the catwalk in "clothes" that we had completely fashioned ourselves out of objects that we no longer needed. Not only was the cat walk fun, the making of the clothes was even better. we all came together with ideas, and created a number of outfits from the most bizzare items, ranging from, cds to bubblewrap.

Since the very beginning of this project, i have know that i wanted to work with children as i find their imaginations and creativity inspiring. They are the perfect community to participate in such an event! Not only will such a project encourage children to come together as a community and be creative, it will encourage other communities to come and watch what the children have created.

I have been leasing with a school in which i have suggested a temporary afterschool club in which we make and design the outfits, eventually resulting in a charity fundraising night with our recyclable fashion show a part of it.

A crazy idea, however one that encourages the protection of the environment with recycling, and of course the bringing together of different communities.

Monday, 12 January 2009


As everyone wo knows me would say, i am a worrier. I worry about the smallest things to such a point that i begin to panic. I even worry for other people when they're not worrying...its crazy! I have reached this stage now!

I am so worried about this project. I feel completely lost. I was really interested in creating a project at st marys for primary school children to be a part of, what i was unsure about was what exactly i wanted to present. Do i want to do a production? Do i want the children to showcase their talents and create a variety show? or do i want to recreate true stories as after our lesson on reminiscence theatre my brain got whirling once more. I feel so lost with so many ideas but no where to go.

As i said i would, I created leaflets and handed them out to parents at my place of work, "nelson and st eds afterschool club." Almost every parent took a leaflet and i have had a few responses, but im not sure if it's enough to create a project with. maybe there is a small response due to my lack of information in the leaflet, or maybe the parents have forgotten, as i did this before christmas, the busiest time of year! I am reluctant to create another batch of leaflets however as i am still so un clear as to the direction i'm headed. I've booked the theatre space during march, however i am still unaware if this is going to be suitable! please help me! i need inspiration that will make me think..." yes that's exactly what I want to do!!!......