Wednesday, 29 April 2009

who says you're to old for anything??

i went into rainbow fields at the weekend to talk through songs and memories and what they wanted to be involved during the musical afternoon. i met one lady who really shocked me,!" she informed me that she was really cool and loved facebook and had skype which she used with her webcam,. she seemed like a definite party animal!! whilst many of the elders stated they wanted Elvis, Cliff richard, over the rainbow, she wanted the titanic theme tune. Who says you have no fun when you get old. I think it will be best to structure my workshop in two halves to give the elders a little break in which i am preparing drinks and refreshments for. Many of the elders stated they would love to hear some elvis songs, i don't believe a female can truly recreate an elvis song to its full potential, therefore i have come up with a solution. My uncle, an Elvis enthusiast, has agreed to be a part of my afternoon. Singing a few elvis songs, dressed as elvis, he will open up the second half. i just hope i don't give the elders a fright in that they think Elvis has come back from the dead! At the end of the afternoon, i have organised a raffle for the elders to enjoy, hopefully this will be a nice finish to the afternoon. My main priority now, is learning to sing songs that i have never even heard off...who's vera lyn???

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