Friday, 24 April 2009

the launch and the meetings

Having met up with the elders over coffee time, I found them to be very lovely people. they seemed very excited about my proposed project as they enjoy listening to music, particularly music from their era. Speaking to the supervisors about my project, they made me worry slightly. They said that the elders will probably forget that they have meetings, and even the performance afternoon. I feel that the only way to tackle this obstacle is to make these meetings as much of a regular occurance as i possibly can. I have also proposed the idea that instead of one musical afternoon, I do a couple, to further enhance the idea of reccurance, therefore they have more than one performance to enjoy and hopefully, they will get used to me and my face. I will be in again at the weekend with a few interview questions for the elders, i am planning on asking them general questions such as, do you have a favourite song? Does this song evoke any particular memories? Can you sing or play an instrument? Would you like to be a part of the performance afternoon or be a part of the audience? After i know the answers to these questions, I will then be able to structure my afternoon(s) and get learning some songs. (hopefully i am going to know a few a these old songs???)

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